Ratatouille For Two


The cool weather has swept over my neck of the woods, and while the heat of summer will be missed, I’m beginning to ease into this season of cooking. While summer was all about light quick meals that could be replaced easily with a smoothie, fall brings a desire for comfort and warmth in every bite. This ratatouille is not traditional by any means but more inspired by the Disney rendition of the dish. This meal is easier than it looks, and creating a smaller batch means you won’t spend hours in the kitchen arranging vegetables in a spiral. Simply find the vegetables you have laying around, and slice them into even disks. You can use a mandolin if you want even cuts all around, but using a knife is just as effective, just layer the pieces. Bell peppers can be added in as well, I simply didn’t have any laying around. The sauce is even more flexible depending on your taste preference. Stick to a classic béchamel, tomato sauce, or even both. Just mix it into the onions after they’ve caramelized and layer on to the bottom of your baking dish. Creating the spiral can be made easier by picking up the vegetables and creating a small stack in your hand before arranging then in the skillet, instead of arranging them one by one. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese after it comes out of the oven and serve with crusty bread. If you have some time make this bread the night before and you’ll have an effortless dinner that will impress the special someone in your life.


ratatouille for two