No Knead Honey & Thyme Dutch Oven Bread


Dutch oven bread is a staple in my home for the smell alone, but lately, I’ve been playing around with different flavor profiles and this honey and thyme version has been a favorite. I make the dough late at night and bake it in the early morning hours to start my day the best way possible. Create this treasure Sunday night and you won’t have a bad Monday. The smell of this bread crisping in the toaster is arguably better than the fresh baked. The addition of honey allows the crust to crisp up and adds a subtly sweet warmth that pairs well with the thyme. I don’t have to convince you this bread is the easiest and best thing you’ll probably make, but I know that the idea of having it in your home is probably the biggest deterrent, I mean, who needs the extra carbs? That’s why this smaller batch is the best of both worlds. Create it to serve alongside a soup or veggie dish, leaves enough for an avocado toast the next day, and then it’s gone. Like every small batch joy, you must simply enjoy it in the moment.


no knead honey & Thyme dutch oven bread