Cherry Cardamom N'ice Cream


Oh, I adore ice cream. I melt with happiness when I see a scoop of coffee or dark chocolate on a cone. So I have kindly ignored the flood of recipes that boasted that dairy free ice cream is just as good if not better than the real deal. I’ve found myself wishing that there would be a magic healthier version of ice cream that you could scoop into a cone and be just as satisfying as the dairy filled real deal. So I spent days trying nice cream recipes and I’ve finally found one that I think is worthy of a try.


Truthfully my in-house taste tester (husband) hated the first few batches that were mixed with coffee or coconut.

What is this?

Nice Cream.

No, thank you.

Just try it, it tastes like ice cream.


Until the day I went the cherry route and handed him the cone.

Hey this is good ice cream, I’m glad you’re done with that nice cream stuff.


The key is to be a little more creative with your flavor combinations and a tiny bit heavy handed. Adding cardamom and vanilla helps compliment cherry flavor immensely and reduce your chances of having an overpowering taste of banana. Also, be sure to run your food processor longer than you think you might need to, and you will end up with a really create a creamy fluffy consistency. If you want to make a smaller batch of this nice cream for two scoops per person cut it by half, with just a pinch of cardamom. But come on, you know you want a large bowl of this for you and whoever you wish to share it with so go ahead and make the full batch. Also you’ll be eating this out of the food processor so you wouldn’t want to run out. If you have a little more time on your hands drizzle on some dark chocolate and chopped pistachios and you’ll be in heaven. Also it’s healthier than ice cream so try it for your health.

cherry cardamom n'ice cream