Roasted Peach Soda


I’m going to miss summer. I’ll miss the warm air, I’ll miss the longer days, and I’ll miss the sound of the ice cream truck whizzing by. I won’t miss the strange looks the parents give me when I’m running faster than their kids to get to it. I like ice cream. Sue me. And while I know there are still 22 days until fall officially comes upon us, there's just something about the calendar flipping to September that seals the deal. This roasted peach soda is basically better than lemonade but it has a coziness that only this transitional period can bring. Its sweetness stems from the roasted peaches, alongside a bit of warmth from the black tea. If you have some peaches lingering in your kitchen, give this a go. Its rich, flavorful, and perfect for those last fleeting days of summer.


roasted peach soda