Dark Chocolate Espresso Banana Muffins


We are early risers. Not necessarily by choice, but we are. There are some parts of the morning that I’ve come to love, like watching the sunrise, or the delicious comforting smell of coffee brewing. But for the most part it’s the same treacherous internal battle of five more minutes and maybe I should call in sick. I can honestly say that most mornings I skip a solid breakfast in favor of a smoothie because the blender does most of the work. Then the weekend rolls around and I can roll out of bed whenever I want, and though it's still early I thoroughly enjoy filling the house with the smells of baked goods. These muffins are no exception. I like to call these my blackout muffins, as they were made during the eclipse. Corny I know, but there was something so eerie about the entire day that threw me off, so I took solace in my baking and spent the rest of the evening convincing my husband that we somehow got blasted by the rays inside the apartment and should call our optometrist. Am I the only one who wasn’t enamored by the event? Who knows. But these muffins will really brighten your morning, eclipse or not.


dark chocolate espresso banana muffins