Grilled Mushroom Lasagna

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of eating out every single night, especially when the amount of groceries you have in your fridge couldn’t even amount to a proper sandwich. That’s one of the reasons I decided to start blogging. I mean, joining this so late in the game almost seems foolish - early bird gets the worm and all - but after getting endless checks and tipping the judgemental waiter who now knows us by name, I reached the end of my patience.

So, I started cooking, meticulously following a recipe word for word. I was excited by my finished product, but to my immediate dismay, it could feed 100 people. I looked nervously at my husband, knowing full well we would be eating that lasagna for five days straight. Never again. Cutting down recipes may seem simple at first, just divide by two right?. But like most things in life, it’s never that simple. But it can be done, so don’t throw out your cookbooks just yet. I made another mistake very soon after testing and retesting recipes: I didn’t write anything down. Which leads us to this space, my own virtual recipe index, for any single person, couple, or small batch lover to use.

This is a recipe for an easy vegetarian lasagna, filled with grilled portobello mushroom, and kale. The lemon ricotta and mozzarella make it super indulgent. Add roasted eggplant between the layers if you have some laying around. It’s very good, trust me. Best part: it’s baked in a standard loaf pan, that will create two perfect restaurant-sized servings, meaning you WILL have room for dessert. Problem solved. 

grilled mushroom lasagna