Small Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a love/hate relationship with my oven. Today we are not on speaking terms, after the burnt cookies fiasco of last night. I suppose threatening it multiple times with an upgrade to a shinier model soon to be released wasn’t the best course of action. But even I know how comically impossible it is to bake six cookies to perfection in that monstrosity. Mere minutes of distraction led to my hard work turning into hockey pucks.

Sadly our relationship came to an end when the large box from Amazon landed by my front door. No, I didn't order a new range online, but something much much better. A pretty little countertop convection oven. Obviously I paid for this myself, but hey Kitchenaid I love you, sponsor a chick. Back to the oven. It’s perfect for baking for two. If you’re starting out on this adventure of creating for two, I can’t stress this impulse buy enough. I’ve included a link for this model, but there are many, many options out there. If you want to choose your own, here are some features to look for:

  • Convection - This means that it has a fan in the oven that will circulate the heat. This means even baking which is essential in such a small space as the heat is heavily concentrated. Never burn half your cookies again.
  • Two racks will make your investment more flexible. Brownies and cookies at once? Yes.
  • Keep it compact...but not too compact. Some models are too small, get one you can fit a frozen pizza in, for those lazier nights [12 inches minimum].  

I am happy in my new relationship, and even though the oven in my range is giving me side eye, I don’t plan on using it until a dinner party. I’ve also filmed an unboxing video, simply because I love to watch them, and I wanted to capture the love at first sight moment.


To make this long rambly non-sponsored product loving post worth your while, I’ve added an incredibly easy chocolate chip cookie recipe. A basic to help with a late night craving, but leaves none for breakfast so you can drink your green smoothie without temptations.


small batch chocolate chip cookies