Nutty Breakfast Smoothie

Most mornings are spent listening to the alarm go off rhythmically, singing its song of intense despair and regret. The sting is particularly bad when nights are sleepless with the exception of the accidental nap I took on my couch at 3am. But then summer rolls around, and as the days get hotter and lazier, I was hunting for the right start to what remained of the day. This smoothie is unlike most; it does not pack leafy veggies, but rather the taste of a delectable morning milkshake. I can only speak for myself, but sometimes mornings need bit more intense flavor than coffee can provide. There’s simply no comparison to the filling, splump-destroying satisfaction when the mid-morning slump hits. The rich, chocolatey flavor of cocoa powder and avocado leave you entirely satisfied, and the fresh burst of blueberries counteract the sweetness just enough to remind you that the day has only just begun.

recipe adapted from green kitchen stories