Meatballs + White Bean Sauce

Summer nights are so magical, even amidst the heatwave we’ve been hit with. Mixed with barefoot moments on grass at dusk when the skies wash pink, when the days are long and the nights age just a tad quicker. The dinner hour slowly gets pushed later and later until we find ourselves eating at midnight, because the spontaneous recipe I decided  to try took too long and won’t finish baking until far too late. Luckily, this is where a trusty back up comes into play. The meatballs in this recipe can be eaten any which way, on a sub or just by themselves. The sauce is  a white bean "Alfredo," and it comes together rather simply. While not as indulgent as the real deal, you'll find this sauce really does the trick. As always, this recipe serves two, with very minimal leftovers if you don't have an appetite. I find half a box of penne is more than enough. 

meatballs + white bean sauce