Vanilla Chai Banana Bread

Morning light seems wasted by so many and savored by too few. Sometimes we ignore earthly gifts until they are too far gone to be enjoyed, and mornings are prime examples. Easily we miss such a fantastic opportunity for productivity, relaxation, and inspired baking. I refuse to drift behind the curve despite my tendency to be a night owl. Small breads such as this delectable creation are perfect canvases for painting a mood in swirls of delicious spice. Rich, savory flavors are abound, with every bite reminding you to enjoy the fleeting moments before the world fully awakens around you. Vanilla is a staple in my world, whether it’s dancing out of a steaming latte cup or lingering in a moist, fluffy dessert to cap an evening. It has come to be a flavor I can start and end any day with, and as many of my days have begun with hot tea lately, its affinity for chai is one I share. The crisp morning air doesn’t stand a chance against cardamom and vanilla in any capacity, and you can fill your house with the aroma and warmth only made possible through the effortless combination of love and flour. 


I hope this brings a little light to your morning hours, and sweeten the most important meal of your day. This effortlessly complex mug-side treat brings a whole new meaning to savoring, and refuses to be taken in in a hurry, much like morning itself. Mix with intention, and make extra sure you enjoy it with your morning coffee. 

An ever-so brief note: this recipe makes a rather sensible loaf (7.75 x3 in). Should you wish for a full-sized recipe, simply double all you see below.